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Challenging Times Demand Inclusive and Innovative Leaders

4 Reasons to Expect More!

Reason 1: You Deserve A LOT More!

Graduate education requires a very different approach to developing the working professional. Unfortunately, most universities use the same contents and teaching methods for undergraduate students as they do for working professionals.  While you still pay the thousands of dollars each semester, you end up with:

  • Generic course content in a cookie-cutter approach
  • No personal attention to your development needs
  • Boring assignments and discussions on theoretical and past issues
  • Endless amount of case studies that have no relevance in the current environment

Reason 2: You Need Inclusive Leadership

Diversity and inclusion is here to stay! Explore the first and only MBA in Inclusive Leadership, designed for the those who wish to make a lasting impact well beyond generic behaviors. This powerful program helps build the key skills of a transformational and inclusive leader who can lead diverse organizations by honoring the diversity of ideas.  The program enables you to lead with systemic thought and processes in the post-pandemic organization.

This program brings you along the journey of inclusivity in the following developmental path:

  • Learning how to lead with diversity of thought
  • Driving transformation through inclusive innovation
  • Empowering a workforce that consistently makes wise and emotionally intelligent decisions

Reason 3: Our Innovative Educational Model

Individualized Development System

+ An effective consulting foundation

+ A global academic knowledge base  =

Your Business Problems Solved, along with improved confidence
and many enhanced skills and intelligences

Reason 4: You Get A Lot More!

Start your personalized journey schedule a brief discussion with the President of Transcontinental University, a world-renowned consultant, educator, author, and business leader.