Unforgettable Education

A Customized and Inclusive Learning System

Brilliantly Engineered

No boring lectures

No tedious textbooks

No meaningless assignments

No time wasted

Engaging discussions

Practical applications

Collaborative learning and innovation

Meaningful achievements in each course

Significant Impact

Engage in interactive learning designed to drive visible results in you!

Inclusive Learning

After decades of research in educational psychology, we have a solid understanding of how the human brain learns.

Transcontinental has reinvented adult education to be an unforgettable experience. Our inclusive learning model enables learning to be customized for the individual as well as the employer. Especially as we emerge from the global pandemic, key lessons from the pandemic are captured our innovative and transformational program.

For example, traditional universities give students cases on a piece of paper, leaving them without practical skills to identify problems. Within the Unforgettable educational model, students are learning to identify a problem within complex organizational systems. Our inclusive learning process develops students’ ability to identify problems through systemic engagements in the real world and then implement solutions with meaningful metrics.

Skill-based Progression

Don’t get trapped in constant regurgitation that only results in forgettable education.  Instead, Transcontinental courses challenges learners to go beyond basic understanding of material. Knowledge is not power until you have the skills to use it and the courage and wisdom to know when to apply it. Especially with many complex skills needed to work with teams of highly diverse mentalities, embedding them through multiple courses is the only way to develop them.

No Tests and Meaningless Assignments

No one likes to take tests, especially when they are far from accurate indicators of learning. At Transcontinental, you have no tests. Instead, learners take an active role in defining assignments that are based on their environment, driving measurable results in engagement, efficacy and many more.

  • Traditional Educational Paradigm
  • Transcontinental's Inclusive Learning System

Powerful Development System

The phrase student-centered learning is used by many universities. Ironically, every time you start a course, a new professor has no clue about who you are, or your developmental needs are. Transcontinental has completely changed this ethically challenged reality. Using a revolutionary individual development plan, your developmental needs are tracked and used in every course, by every professor to give you the most powerful learning experience. The post pandemic workplace requires many new skills to deal with the traumatic experiences of the event. The Unforgettable Education model is designed for this purpose.

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