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About Transcontinental University (Nonprofit)

Our Vision

To be an inspirational transformer of leaders.

Our Mission

To provide the global community of independent learners access to an innovative curriculum and educational model that focuses on the development of the “whole person” from a multiple intelligences perspective. To achieve this, we integrate educational, social, organizational and cultural psychology with a broad range of knowledge resources and draw upon the expertise of a global mix of both academically and professionally qualified educational leaders who facilitate individualized development programs and global outreach that transforms business, society, culture and learners.

Our Core Values

  • Inclusion – Involve stakeholders in every aspect of our engagement, especially with the co-creation of various educational journeys in executive development programs.
  • Balance – Maintaining a lifestyle that incorporates the balanced development of multiple intelligences: intellect/analytical intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual/systems intelligence, somatic intelligence, and passions.
  • Growth – Learning constantly through the knowledge creation spiral: being challenged, applying newly gained knowledge and measuring all aspects of learning, and conducting longitudinal, qualitative, and narrative research to continue internal growth; the best investment being the continuous reinvention of self.
  • Integrity – Doing what is promised at all times; being what we teach; staying in congruence with all environments; being honest with self.
  • Truth – Willing at all times to share 100% of the truth; always being open to the truths of other people through respect and lack of judgment; delivering the truth in a way that moves people, especially when the truth is ugly; considering that people may not be ready for that truth and allowing the wisdom of the system to take them on their paths.
  • Humanity – Valuing people and always focusing on people as an ultimate purpose of life – creating systemic change from within for human evolution; people are at the core of every event, organization, or product/service.
  • Passion – Being what lights the fire inside at all times, nothing less; consciously choosing every engagement.
  • Systemic wisdom– Seeking at all times to apply mental and emotional energies at the root cause; creating systemic changes that sustain effort; rarely being the band-aid to any problem or situation.
  • Innovation – Living without a box; recreating every reality from an abundance and inspirational perspective.
  • Empathy – Seeking understanding of every event and situation. Never making a judgment that categorizes people; seeing people as the potential of greatness that desires to be seen.
  • Loyalty – Cherishing relationships with people and supporting them through challenging times; always finding ways to create harmony and peace, integrating honesty, trust, and integrity with people.

Who we are

The Transcontinental University was built, designed, and is led by a group of passionate educators and consultants with experiences from top universities across the world who, after witnessing the constant changes facing the business world, and identifying the opportunities to enhance the relevancy of the educational experience, decided to act. The pandemic is a great example of the countless concepts/theories are no longer work, but are still being taught and applied. We intend to go beyond generic problem solving and empower leaders to prevent problems systemically.

Having worked together since 2012, our group of global educators have experience from universities including, and not limited to:

  • Stanford, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Duke University, and Pace University in the US
  • University of Liverpool and London School of Business and Finance in the UK
  • University of International Business and Economics and Beijing University in China
  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France
  • International School of Management in France
  • U21 Global University in Singapore
  • University of Professional Studies in Ghana
  • Chulalongkorn University in Thailand
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia
  • University of International Business and Economics in China

Our Belief: Education As A Systemic Learning Process That Empowers

FACT: Traditional theories commonly taught in business schools are not meeting the needs of a global business environment and they stifle creativity.

Despite the fact that this growing view is echoed in numerous articles and videos around the web, the lack of education around Systems Thinking in particular means that most of us are not able to identify these limitations which are still operating on in most universities today.

Categorization is one specific contextual framework that has shown to have a significant impact on education – a concept which compartmentalized topics into distinct fields of study during the start of the industrial revolution. When you look at educational institutions around the world today, nearly every business school has distinct departments that control their specific fields of study, such as departments/faculties of finance, marketing, and management. Despite the latest research on the importance of emotional intelligence and systems thinking, these powerful concepts still fail today to even fall into specific teaching categories. As a result, these important concepts are not, and cannot be systemically integrated into a traditional curriculum.  Students are left learning isolated topics separate from one another, leaving them ill prepared to face the challenging realities of today’s professional world.

Integration is the key to effective learning. In order to create empowered leaders who can make massive systemic changes in any environment, the process of learning resides in a system that connects various topics into a functioning set of interconnected parts in a business. Applying principles from both educational psychology and the Knowledge Creation Spiral, Transcontinental University’s systemic learning process integrates the reality of current business needs with academic content to empower our learners from a holistic perspective. The result is a unique student-focused learning journey that empowers them with the complexity of skills to achieve greatness.

It is our hope, that one day, the system of education in all universities around the world will be transformed to one that empowers leaders that drive change, rather than train employees who blindly follow hierarchies and are constantly reacting to change. We hope for many more leader graduates who will have the courage and wisdom to create new theories for their respective cultures, rather than ineffectively apply old theories without any cultural consideration. We wish to share our dream with you, in a unique learning journey focused on you, the learner.