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A Comprehensive Solution to Mastering Your Organizational Stress

Current Leadership Challenges

The 2022 State of the Global Workplace report by Gallup found the following:

  • Only 21% of employees are engaged at work
  • Two out of three employees have challenges with their well-being
  • 45% of employees are looking for a new job
  • Workplace stress is at an all-time high

With these alarming numbers increasing from previous years, what are you doing to make sure your leaders are engaged, healthy, and continue to innovate?

What about your C-Suite? Recent Deloitte research found that nearly 70% of executives are overwhelmed and seriously considering quitting their jobs. That’s a great deal of stress!

TU’s StressEQ is your organizational stress buster.

Proven Outcomes from TU's StressEQ System

Our customized StressEQ system provides strategic insights on actionable intelligence on at least three levels of stress. With 11 dimensions of stress layered over at least three levels of the organizational hiearchy, TU’s innovative StressEQ system has resulted in outcomes such as:

  • Reduce talent attrition
  • Optimize employee engagement
  • Enable strategic choices that reflect equity and inclusion
  • Minimize burnout across all levels of the organization
  • Maximize innovation, productivity, and efficiency

Master Your Organizational Stress

With decades of research and consulting experiences, our systemic approach to mastering organizational stress at various levels of the organization is summarized into the following:

1.  Customize your assessment by selecting the various stress types in your organization

2.  See the stress levels of your employees and the specific sources (a minimum of 11)

  • Obtain systemic analysis between diverse groups, departments, and/or business units

3.  Get to the root cause of the stress levels across your organization

4. Co-create strategic interventions to achieve optimal stress levels. For example:

  • Customize emotional intelligence development of leaders
  • Create a knowledge structure for innovation
  • Empower employees with a learning system

5.  Observe the impact of our co-created interventions on key business outcomes

Predictive Analytics from TU's StressEQ

Using the trending data of 11 dimenions of stress layerd over at least three levels of the organization, StressEQ’s predictive analytics will help you envision future KPIs that matters the most:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Talent Retention
  • Profitability
  • Innovation
  • Etc.

Empower your leaders with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to thrive!

Your Talent is the #1 Priority

TU’s StressEQ reveals the heartbeat of your organizational talent in real-time, while providing the strategic insights to make effective and timely decisions.

Executives can lower their own stress levels by knowing exactly what is going on with their talent and how to address potential issues early on in a partnership with TU.