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Customized Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Solutions

The Integrity of DEI

The InclusiVersity approach honors the DEI principles of:

  • Diversity: Recognizing the uniqueness of individuals beyond color, race, gender, etc. and integrating the diversity of ideas to drive innovation
  • Equity: Providing developmental support unique to the needs of each individual
  • Inclusion: Involving people in decisions and enabling people to share their ideas without unconscious bias or judgments

Partner with a Global University who’s successfully practiced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion all over the world from the villages in developing nations to the multinational corporations in developed nations for over a decade.

DEI Outcomes You Deserve

Systemic racism happens outside of a person. Addressing it requires shifting to organizational processes that are inclusive and equitable. When inclusive leadership is effectively implemented, you will achieve outcomes such as:

Enhanced collaboration
Diversified talent inventory
Increased innovation
Higher employee retention
Systemic problem prevention and resolution
Greater sense of belonging

How do we get there?

  1. DE&I Snapshot: Providing organizations scientific understanding of their culture (click here for Podcast).
  2. Authentic Shared-Values: Implementing an inclusive process to develop a truely shared values that every employee will own
  3. Inclusive Leadership Development: Guiding current leaders with the skills and systems to walk the talk of DE&I (Click here for Podcast).
  4. Systems & Processes Implementation: Design and apply inclusive systems and processes  that delivers, not only DE&I results, but also business results (click here for article).

Concrete DE&I Solutions in Action

Designed for leaders in a challenging work environment, your customized InclusiVersity program may include elements such as:

  • Leaders Walking the Talk of DEI – practical leadership development
  • Inclusive Organizational Design – Align strategy and organizational design
  • Equitable Talent Management – Cultivate current and future diverse talent
  • Inclusive Change Management – Maximize organizational innovation
  • Strategic HR Enhancements – Upskill HR leaders with systemic thought
  • Inclusive Performance Management – Achieve predictive performance
  • Equitable learning and development – Design and implement a dynamic learning system

Empower your organization to thrive.