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True Potentials in a PhD: Transform your nation one theory at a time

Having taught and worked with countless PhDs on every major continent, it’s astonishing to see how many business PhDs are living in a bubble, sheltered from the real world, rarely making a profound impact in their fields of business. While we can all acknowledge the massive changes in business driven by globalization over the last two decades, how many new theories, with cultural considerations, have been developed to help your nation advance, help you advance, or shift your perspective of you and your nation? 


For your nation to be an economic powerhouse, most persons in business, government and society believe in the need for strong leaders. How these leaders think depends on their mental schema (how their brains function).  Much of the ability to think resides in the theories embedded in one’s education. PhDs are meant to be thought leaders with powerful scholarly abilities. Unfortunately, many educational systems in various nations don’t have this perspective on their educational development. This is especially true in developing nations that were once colonies, they are stuck applying theories from other nations that have very different values systems. Three specific root causes are perpetuating this phenomenon:

  1. Incorrect research methodologies: We’ve seen many PhDs with high positions, such as professors, not having the correct knowledge in research methodology. Worse yet, they continue to teach the incorrect research methodology to their students. And, without the right research methodology, it becomes impossible to create new theories.
  2. Systemic and critical thinking: Two fundamental thought processes a PhD should have are systems thinking and critical thinking. Neither are present in the current system of education. At best, some universities have a course on the topic. Students learn to regurgitate the theories, but rarely learn to apply them. Reflect on your education – how many theories did you study that were from your own nation within the last 5-10 years?
  3. Emotional IntelligenceThe foundation of effective change at the systemic level by any leader is driven by one’s emotional intelligence. While most universities maintain a rigid hierarchy within all aspects of education, emotional intelligence develops one’s ability to infuse learning with the cultural nuance necessary for great success. This infusion brings enlightenment and new understanding. Imagine yourself with formidable emotional intelligence to engage people and systems in your nation. 


Higher education stands in front of a major revolution. Regardless of where you come from, a PhD holder should be able to think systemically and critically. This drives your ability to see what others don’t see. Through that foresight, your knowledge and skills in theory creation with an imbued understanding of cultural influences would enable you to create the new ideas that transform systems and nations. At Transcontinental, this is the type of PhD we graduate. Here are a few of the many differences in our Unforgettable Educational model:

  1. Integration: The real world is a set of integrated systems. When you’re learning about various theories in different disciplines, such as economics, strategy or leadership, you’ll be challenged to explore the cultural and time perspectives of these theories. You will also experience the integration between psychological aspects of the human mind and business theories and how the integration of multiple disciplines influences and changes your view of the world existent and the world that can be created.
  2. Curiosity: A powerful and wise leader is one who possesses an open mind to constantly explore. We utilize Socratic methods and psychological empowerment in all aspects of our educational system to inspire the curiosity within our students. This enables them to find their own path and begin the process of innovation. You will not find any of our professors talking at you for hours at a time. Instead, you’ll be engaged to think differently so that what you learn can be actualized in what you create for the business world.
  3. Systemic thinker: Thinking differently calls for a solid understanding of systems and their interconnectivity. For a PhD, theories in a specific discipline can rarely stand alone in social science. Our entire curriculum is built on empowering leaders to be systems thinkers.


We believe that PhDs are the creators of new knowledge that transforms the business environment. Within our Unforgettable Education Model, you will experience the most powerful transformation as a leader-scholar. Whether you’re considering how to advance your career or to lead your nation in the development of new theories, perspectives, and business models that honor your rich cultural heritage, your norms and values, driven by your unique understanding of your world, our PhD program will give you the emotional intelligence, systems thinking abilities, confidence, and courage to make it happen. As you experience our powerful learning system, you will not only earn an EU accredited degree, you will evolve into a powerful leader. 

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