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TU strategy: 5 Secrets to Achieving Your Happiness

Are you happy with your life? How your career is progressing? What types of relationships are you able to create and maintain? 

Happiness has been a constant pursuit for humanity. This pursuit has brought us many innovations which helped evolve our reality into the current era of globalization. With such progress, it’s amazing to see that we don’t have the complete happiness that we desire. Studies have consistently found that the most technological nations are not always the happiest. This points out the fact that happiness isn’t always related to economic status or technology. Happiness is not something that money can buy. It is something that starts internally and integrates with the outside world. 

The foundation of happiness tends to be a bit of a mystery. Conventional wisdom tends to focus humanity on what we have externally, rather than what’s deep inside. This external focus allows someone else to control what we determine as happiness. At Transcontinental Institution, our research and practice have found five secrets that enable our leaders to thrive with sustained happiness and success. These secrets involve an exploration of what’s inside and integrates it with intelligences to control the external world.

  1. Knowing Who You Are: studies have consistently found that self-awareness is the foundation for success and happiness. The following are some reflective questions to explore on a regular basis: What is your purpose in life?  What’s your reason to exist? Who are you? Often, asking yourself these questions at least three times will help get through the surface rationale and into a deeper exploration. This introspection starts with a few sentences and transforms into significant reflections.
  2. Knowing Your Core Values: the second critical aspect of happiness resides in your values. Values like family, integrity, achievement, and respect are part of every individual. Write down your top 8 values in order of priority. Explore what each word means. You can also explore how others see you by asking them to list your top values and see if your own list match what they perceive you as. This opens the door for better understanding.
  3. Aligning Your Core Values with those of your workplace: most of us tend to spend the most of our waking hours at the workplace. Yet, many people don’t know the values being practiced in their workplace. These are often not what’s explicitly stated but practiced within the organizational culture. For example, an organization may state respect as one of its core values in marketing materials; yet, their normal practices require conformity to orders from superiors. Exploring the practiced values of the organization and comparing with your own core values is an alignment process that can minimize stress and lead to happiness. 
  4. Empowering Relationships: the quality of human relationships drive our happiness. In all environments such as work, friendships, or family, human beings are social creatures that thrive on health relationships. To build solid relationships, a solid basis of emotional intelligence is needed. Ask yourself, how many people truly care about your growth and happiness are around you? 
  5. Being able to Balance Your Multiple Intelligences: as you have seen from the above items, they require various forms of intelligence.  Knowing who you are is part of spiritual intelligence; being able to identify and align values connects analytical intelligence with spiritual intelligence. Empowering relationships require emotional intelligence. These are just a few of intelligences that bring sustained happiness. Making a conscious effort to balance your multiple intelligences is the foundation to sustained happiness and success. 

At Transcontinental Institution, we provide the necessary tools for our students/graduates to not only succeed in business, but also live a happy and fulfilled life. If you seek happiness for yourself and those around you, explore the key skills behind the above 5 secrets to happiness with us. We guarantee it will be a most profound and transformational journey. 

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