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How do you lead in an
increasingly complex workplace?

Transcontinental University transforms learners into powerful leaders for the post pandemic workplace through emotional intelligence and systems thinking.

Transcontinental University: authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education

Transcontinental University offers the only educational programs that develop your ability to build powerful relationships (emotional intelligence) and your wisdom (systems thinking) over the entire program. You will experience profound growth through the world’s most integrative, systematic, and practical curriculum while learning from humble and caring professors.

Imagine how life will change when you command trust and respect in any environment.

Transcontinental University: Offering the most Advanced Graduate Education at an Affordable Tuition

Traditional universities charge high tuition fees for forgettable knowledge; In contrast, we make education accessible to everyone with payment plans and country-level scholarships. 

Traditional PhD $61,000+ USD
Our PhD $32,685 USD
Traditional Executive MBA $43,900 - $115,000 USD
Our Executive MBA $24,985 USD

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in an increasingly complex environment by enrolling in one of our academic programs!

With offices in the USA, European Union, Asia and Africa, Transcontinental offers the best global educational experience for the world’s most innovative business leaders.

Get your access to renowned consultants who are armed with the best education system today! Their ability to develop your leadership and business skills will skyrocket your career to the next level.

Since my educational experience with the Transcontinental faculty, I now enjoy seemingly unlimited opportunities in an environment that encourages me to engage along multiple fronts, and that is only constrained by the content and quality of my ideas and the number of hours in a day. ” a former student, Jeff R. PMP, CSEP, PE, Esq.

When you earn a degree from our university, you will possess emotional intelligence and systems thinking necessary to lead organizations anywhere in the world.

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed today by scheduling an appointment with our President, Dr. Ted Sun!

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