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What makes the most Advanced PhD program?

Advancement #1: Enormous Flexibility

Online education requires a very different approach to developing the working professional. Unfortunately, most universities force working professionals into rigid structures. At Transcontinental University, we faciliate learning with complete flexibility:

  • Meaningful: Personalized learning experience between you and the professor 
  • Life Balance: You design the schedule that fits your needs, balancing work, personal and academics
  • Empowerment: Your passion and ideas are supported through the dissertation research, not driven by professors

Advancement #2: Go beyond the regurgitation of theory

The current challenging times highlight the ineffectiveness of many theories in practice across every industry. Why aren’t more universities focused on developing new theories? 

Transcontinental University is specifically designed for critically assessing existing theories and creating new theories by working professionals. The diversity of the workplace and challenging environment since the start of the pandemic calls for innovative concepts and theories to lead the next generation of business leaders. Let’s not be stuck merely testing existing theories. Let’s create ground breaking theories from a systemic perspective! 

Advancement #3: Our Innovative Educational Model

A global academic knowledge base

+ Grounded Theory Research Skills

+ Individualized Development System    =

Profound Theories Created and Your Intelligences Enhanced

Advancement #4: Affordability

Online Tuition for the entire program: $32,685

Monthly payment plan: $945

That’s lower than most mortgage payments, without any scholarships

Inquire about the various scholarships avialable (i.e. millitary/veteran, first in the family, minority)

Start your personalized journey schedule a brief discussion with the President of Transcontinental University, a world-renowned consultant, educator, author, and business leader.