Lunch and Solve

A practical approach to getting solutions to workplace Challenges

You Deserve Solutions to Your Challenges

Do you have workplace challenges?
Don’t have time to research solutions?
Want some practical help from experts?

Try our Lunch & Solve to get practical solutions for your business challenges. Free to try!


Free trials held Tuesdays of each week!

Here is How It Works:

Managers and leaders register with a Challenge
Over 30-45 minute session, an expert facilitates a direct path towards solutions
Action plans and metrics maximizes innovative solutions

You Bring the Challenges, We Bring the Expertise

At a time where every business leader is facing an enormous amount of uncertainty, the Lunch and Solve provides effective solutions at various levels of the organization. The benefits of the Lunch and Solve are seen at the following levels:

  • Executive level: Strategic insights on leading wisely
  • Mid-level management: Systemic perspectives that bridge strategy, tactics and smart feedback loops
  • Lower-level management: Foster teamwork and build effective tactics

Next Tuesday session will focus on people challenges such as talent retention, burnout prevention, and stress leadership.

Sample Challenge areas we’ve helped with:

People Strategies/Leadership
Talent Development & Retention
Burnout Prevention
Succession Planning
Pandemic Mental Wellbeing

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