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How can you Exceed your Potential? Secrets revealed through systemic thought

We all have potential. Some potentials are empowering, and others are limiting. These potentials represent an internal belief system about who we are and what we can accomplish in our lifetime. What if what we believe as our potential is only a box designed to limit our true potentials? This exploration calls for a discussion beyond what we know, beyond what we know that we don’t understand. More importantly, it calls for a discovery of what we don’t know that we do not know. Your potential is much more than what is in your awareness. 

This brief article illuminates some secrets towards exceeding what you believe is your potential, while shattering the limitations in your mental framework. 

Potentials start with self-belief. At a very young age, you’re taught by your parents about who you are and how far you can reach. Within one’s national culture, beliefs are also ingrained in every aspect of life. Some potentials are limited by birth right, some by education and others by gender. Ask yourself this: 

How can you become the President of the world?

We’ve done this in dozens of countries; the responses are the same – a puzzled look. 

People tend to define one’s potential within the limitations of titles in a specific career. Most don’t realize that titles were created during the industrial revolution to mirror the military’s hierarchy to achieve a level of control over a large group of people.  It creates a scarcity mentality for people to fight on a predetermined corporate ladder for more and more scarce higher positions of authority. As early as your initial entrance into a school, you’re subject to the authority of a teacher’s judgment in grades. This continues for the next 17 years through university education where students are trained to be subordinate employees in a rigid hierarchy of the classroom. You are trapped in a system of control.

Why does one authority figure (teacher/professor) get to determine your worth? Can they accurately judge your knowledge, abilities and potential? 

This is only one of many limitations that restrain your potential. Many others exist in the educational systems such as behaviorism, specialization, categorical learning and examinations. Each of these are well documented in research in their limitations and would take many pages to fully explain.

You can choose a different path, one that breaks the walls of these frameworks. Thanks to scientific research, human potential can be integrated with complex developments like multiple intelligences and systems thinking. Imagine your potential when you have a full comprehension and wise use of multiple intelligences such as analytical intelligence, emotional intelligence, somatic intelligence and systems consciousness. Complex developments enhance key areas like confidence, self-efficacy and the ability to build trusting relationships.

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